Author Bio

barabara author photoE.B. McGee

My mother taking us to the library is one of my earliest memories. I remember the grass, and walking down the long sidewalk. I remember how quiet we had to be. I always got the same book – angels with glittery golden wings.

I began working for Knight Ridder Newspapers as a feature writer, interviewing notable people and also writing a sailing column. I became an editor and then editor-in-chief.  In April 2015, I joined Unicorn for Writers as Vice President for Editorial Services; we offer 40 services for aspiring writers. I am also proud to be a part of the Unicorn Writers Conference. The upcoming Conference, our 7th, will be held in March of 2017 at Reid Castle, Manhattanville College in Purchase, New York.

For the past decade, I have been a writing coach, working with writers in many different genres of fiction and nonfiction – doing everything from basic line-editing to plot and character development to complete manuscript evaluation, and guiding writers through the process of preparing non-fiction book proposals.

I write fiction under a name to honor my adored mother, Evelyn McGee – she is the reason I love words. When I was three, I scribbled lines – as straight as I could – on some small pieces of paper and rushed to my mother, excited to discover what story I had written! That’s when my mother had “school” for us, teaching us that letters made sounds and sounds turned into words. Later, she became my writing partner, my “is this really clear?” mentor. Now, she is up there, still helping me every day.

I work in Connecticut and Miami. Besides enjoying what Miamians call Paradise (this is true!), my kids and I are doggie and kitty lovers and rescuers.