Quotes from the Book

The novel is divided into three “books,” the three stages of Jeanne de Charney’s life.

BOOK I – Geoffrey de Charney

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CHAPTER 3:  “Anna”
     Because she was a ward, that meant, like me, her father and her mother were no longer living.  Her name was Anna, and she was higher born than I, so this was a great honor to me.  Or perhaps the honor was Geoffrey’s.  More likely, that.  Higher born?  I did not tell my husband, but I felt quite intimidated.

CHAPTER 4:  “The Ghost of Lady de Toucy”
     A drop of wax slid hot across my fingers and onto the Shroud, stirring me from my reverie. Folding the cloth with haste, yet carefully, I quickly put it back.  As I shut the lid, the trance was broken and waves of fear washed over me.

CHAPTER 7, “Blanche’s Mistake”
     “If I catch any of the Ladies in this castle having a dalliance with that young man, I will have her flogged like a commoner.  Upon my word.”


BOOK II – The Seneschal’s Son








CHAPTER 14, “The Shroud”
     “Not the right way to spend the pilgrims’ money,” Gaston said.
     Looking up from counting, Anna smiled at Gaston.  “What do you know of brocades?”
     “You are right.  All I know is of rags.”
     “Oh,” Anna said, blushing, “I didn’t mean…”
     “What do you know of peasants, anyway?” Gaston scowled.  “A fine Lady like you?”
     Turning dead white, Anna got up and ran out of the room.  I heard her shoes flying down the spiral stairs.  “What do you know of peasants?” Gaston called after her.  “And you?” he demanded, swinging around, daring me to answer.


CHAPTER 20, “Long Live the King!”
     Into the room strode Sir Eustace and his brother, followed by a half a dozen Knights, and pages carrying torches.
     Clutching a gown to my breast, I slammed the doors of the armoire shut.
     “What in the name of Sweet Jesus are you doing?” Anna screamed at them.
     “The King is dead!”  The voices filled my room.  “Long live the King!”
     “What?”Anna cried.
     “King John is dead,” Eustace said.
     I sank down to the floor, leaning against the doors of the armoire so that no one could dare to open it, pulling my gown around me, trembling uncontrollably.


BOOK III – Aymon of Geneva

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CHAPTER 28, “Yellow Tansies”
     It was finally time to go up to the tower.  How many were the steps.  How twisted and narrow.  And to think Anna and I used to run up and down them without a moment’s hesitation.  Anna…I missed her with an aching loneliness.


CHAPTER 29, “The d’Arcis Memorandum”
     “Mother, I am dying.  Father Bernard is waiting in the outer chamber.  No words of sacrilege can come from my lips at the hour of my death.  This is the secret…”